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Walk In The Light Of The Lord

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Walk In The Light Of The Lord


Advent reminds us that we are ‘walking in the light of the Lord,’ despite the darkness that often surrounds the world and us.      Advent is a clarion call to ‘stay awake,’ and ‘be prepared’ for God’s Presence to enter dynamically into our hearts and lives anew.   So, the light of Christ is a gift we have been given and we are to ‘put on the armor of light.’ 


There are powerful Biblical characters and rich images throughout the Advent and Christmas Scriptures.  Light and darkness; fire and cold; promise and pain; ancestors and future births; excitement and stress—all the feelings that drive humankind intensify during these days and weeks as one year ends and another begins.  Our ‘inner space’ senses the sacredness.  We remember that the hope of the ages took flesh and the promise of eternity is still unfolding.  This is the past and future present NOW as we embody our “walk in the Light of the Lord.”


This Advent/Christmas interactive calendar responds to our GA ACTS:  “to share the Word of God by offering and receiving our experience of faith (#7).”    CIS has started the process by listing, for each day, various thoughts, reflections, special events.  It is just a beginning.   Now, CIS invites Sisters, Associates to add reflections, cultural feasts or holiday traditions to the calendar as we journey through the season.   


We know there are special Advent customs, songs, rituals, commemorations, celebrations that unfold in each Region—share about them.  May this feast of the Birth of Our Lord and the Twelve Days of Christmas be a time for all of us to share favorite songs and memories of special ways these holiday continue to bless your life.  We purposefully chose not to add Scripture verses, saints, the O Antiphons and our Novena. In this way others can do so if they choose. We know these are meaningful weeks and we can learn from each other how these aspects of our spirituality are coming to new life.

As the season starts, print off this calendar.  Then throughout the season ENTER YOUR REFLECTIONS; FAVORITE QUOTES; HOLY DAY and HOLIDAY TRADITIONS. 

 When the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord arrives, we invite you to send in your calendars.  We will continue to use your posts as we create another Advent/Christmas calendar for 2014!  

Make this season a special gift we give to each other!




December 1stWorld AIDS Day    Pray for those who suffer with AIDS and for those who care for them. 

 December 2nd:    What is your definition of mysticism?   


.   “The human heart is always drawn by love.” St Catherine of Siena, Dialogue 26                                                 


 December 3rd:  Spend time today recalling your favorite quote from a mystic.

 December 4th:  A mystic is a person who holds open their heart and gives witness in their life to  justice and love.  Over this past year list the ways you have been a mystic.

December 5th:  “It is only through shadows that one comes to know the light.”  St Catherine of Siena, Prayer 24

 December 6th:  St Nicholas   Remember the gift of your humanity.  Share with one person a gift (a characteristic or quality or virtue) they have given to you.

 December 7th:   St Faustina: “O my Lord, inflame my heart withName 3 mystics your appreciate love for You, that my spirit may not grow weary amidst the storms, the sufferings and the trials.  You see how weak I am.  Love can do all.”  



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