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Acuto, March 4, 1834 -2014 180th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ Does time wear things out…… ?

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Is it really true that time just wears things and living beings out until it destroys them? This is only one part of the reality of life that constantly happens under our eyes.
But there is another quite visible truth that pessimists often miss: time causes growth, matures, perfects, is always thrusting life, science and awareness toward new horizons. Behind death, time hides life, like a seed — the seed of a tree or of something good tossed along the furrows of humanity.
Because of their artistic works Artists are not dead, nor are scientists because of their discovery of laws that govern nature; the saints who continue to be a light for the people who encounter them along the path of life are not dead; Jesus who rose from the dead is not dead; he is a spotlight on the rooftop of the world for all people.
The many good works begun by generous people and continuing in time by their followers are not dead. The work of St. Maria De Mattias begun in Acuto – Frosinone on March 4, 1834 lives on and is still developing by putting down roots in all parts of the world!
It has been 180 years during which Maria De Mattias has been like a small, insignificant seed because she was an uneducated woman without money and without help at her side. She had been tossed in a town far from her hometown with her only resource being the power of love where she was sowed in the furrows of Acuto and sprouted, putting down roots and spreading her branches with the companions who would join her during the two centuries and reach to all the inhabited continents: from Siberia to Australia, from India to Africa, from the Americas to Europe, Korea and the Philippines. These branches still follow the light of love that indicates the places where there are people searching for shelter for their existence.
Throughout the 180 years, like St. Maria De Mattias, her daughters are found near the little ones, the youth, women and mothers through a life hidden in its daily routine. They are working with students as teachers; they are helping the sick or the destitute, the political refugees, drug addicts and prostitutes wanting to be saved; they are supporting families, prisoners, orphans, and those without dignity, those suffering from all sorts of things, those wanting to find the true dimension of their lives in the quiet of a sacred place. They are defending the rights of the voiceless, consoling those who have no more tears or those outcast by society because of particular diseases or because they are elderly and insignificant. They are working both with those searching for God with all their hearts and with those who do not want to know anything at all about God.
Like Jesus, in spite of their limitations as creatures, they are committed to bowing down before their sisters and brothers in order that they be helped to follow the way of good, the only way that guarantees joy, the way which, in truth, is the deepest aspiration of every person.

Sr. Maria Paniccia, asc


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