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Prayer for an End to the Violence

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God of Compassion, Justice and Solidarity,
We mourn the unending struggles, sufferings and violence of our sisters and brothers in places of unrest, homelessness and strife. Their displacement from homelands is painful. We know millions of people are being deprived of necessary food, water, medical care and safety. Give them hope.
Give us the ability to feel compassion. Give them energy to cry out for their needs! Give us energy to continue our prayers and advocacy for them.

God of the Poor and the Vulnerable,
You call us to stand for the weak and for those who cannot protect themselves. Help us to stand for the poor and the vulnerable by working to end the continued death, destruction, and devastation, and to replace it with real dialogue and progress.

God who gave each person Human Dignity,
You desire that each person can live a dignified life, one in which basic needs are fulfilled. Because of political unrest and war, people are left without housing, without sanitation or electricity. Roads, transportation systems, and the ability to make a daily living are now destroyed for many. So many people live in fear and cannot live their lives fully. Grant them courage and resilience to stand firm to their faith and values.

God of Peace,
We pray for a peaceful and lasting resolution to the conflicts. The roots of the conflicts are deep and much difficult dialogue will be needed. We realize that all sides share the guilt for needless destruction and suffering. Bring peace, O God.

God who gives each of us both rights and responsibilities,
Help us to guarantee the rights of those who suffer by reminding our leaders of their responsibilities toward the common good. Call all involved to dialogue.

Let peace come. Let peace remain. Let peace sustain all people. Amen.

(adapted from: Jill Rauhm Education for Justice)


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