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Some time back I read an article from the New York Times, which is critical of the Catholic Church. The author is obviously a non Catholic but who is aware of the contempt and distrust some have got towards the Church, “I am writing this article from Sudan. I came here to impoverished southern Sudan to write about Sudanese problems, not the Catholic Church’s. Yet once again am awed that so many of the selfless people serving the world’s neediest are lowly nuns and priests- notable not for the grandeur of their vestments but for the grandness of their compassion …… overwhelmingly it’s at the grass roots that I find the great soul of the Catholic Church.

The year dedicated for the consecrated persons and the imminent advent impart same message; “awake and arise”. The liturgy asks not only shop for Christmas but to stop for Christ. …the call is to renew passion for Christ and compassion for the poor… in living honestly and with as much love and fire in us as one can one’s own, inner journey that finds expression in loving and joyful community life, generous self gift in mission and a focus on doing with one’s life what the great lover, the giver of all gifts, has put us on this earth for.

The star is arising on the eastern horizons…. to clear the path for the confused minds…
A path is made by walking on it. Life especially religious life is understood by walking on that path.
Here is the path …
Have a look at what to expect on the way…
And how others have walked on it….
Some go far, some climb heights… Some stumble and fall, others plod along, some hardly take a few steps.
Where are you on the path?
Are you enjoying the trip?
Are your fellow pilgrims happy to have you?
If rooted radically in a culture of love, life can really be a path of light. We do meet with humbug, nonsense and unanswered questions, but with it all, the entire journey is worth living, and
Life a gift to be treasured…

May we make our life something beautiful and worth celebrating. May meeting you and me be a grace for many!

Beena Thoombalan asc


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