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Stay awake… love seeks you!

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Religious life is about seeking life’s essentials. It is not a clever way of doing humanitarian works or finding staff to distribute money to the poor. Our vow of poverty is not for saving money for our Religious order, or accumulating perishable goods for self.

Celibacy is not about killing the lifegiving fire that sexuality is, but to seek what lies behind the ache of human longing, and build a world of love, not just for those I call mine, but for every one.

Obedience is a courageous adult’s decision to stake everything on this humanly mad pursuit of Divine will, as Jesus did.

When I wake up in the morning, and find myself alive on this fragile planet, with health of body and mind, and a thousand opportunities to do good or harm, to hurt or to heal, decide to increase the goodness in the world today.

The love that sustains me and you, created the world, and locks it in tender embrace.

Decide to be on the side of love, and think of atleast three good deeds we can do each day – lest our good intentions vanish without a race.

Remember, the call is to awake, the fourth week of Advent is imminent and let us incarnate the truth in flesh, giving to our life a different colour.

Religious life is not about habit nor rules and regulations. It is not even about the legal code of vows: but about a HABIT of the heart. If your years of staying in has freed your heart to love without boundaries God smiles. After all, you seek no other reward exept the Giver of all gifts.

When caught up in love who thinks of rewards?
When the heart is on fire, why clamp it down with rules?

Beena Thoombalan ASC


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