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On Saturday, May 23, 2015, ARCHBISHOP OSCAR ROMERO was Beatified. It seems appropriate that it was the Vigil of Pentecost. For he truly, and deeply, listened to and followed the Spirit’s call to bring liberty, healing, courage and strength to those oppressed, impoverished, marginalized, and burdened. Romero embodied the Presence of God; his decisions showed he“ choose the way of the Holy Spirit (ASC 2011 GA ACTS, pg. 8).”

Certainly, granting him the title, “martyr of the Church,” affirms Romero’s prophetic witness that there is ‘no greater love, than laying down one’s life.’ Grounded in a deep love of Christ he saw the suffering of his Salvadoran brothers and sisters and stood with them to his death. Romero’s story continues to permeate the discourse of faith and life in Central America and beyond, even 35 years after his death.

The inscription at Romero’s tomb reads: “They killed you because you were with us, the poor. They tried to eliminate us, but you have not died. You live on in our struggle.” In this way, the Spirit continues to breathe forth in the hearts of all who honor Romero’s life and strive to be both peace-makers and justice-seekers.

So, as we celebrate Romero’s life, and the feast of Pentecost, let us pray that the fire of the Spirit will continue to burn, with light and warmth, in our own hearts and lives, leading others to greater freedom and deeper love of God and neighbor.

“Martyrdom is a grace I don’t believe I am worthy of. But if God accepts the sacrifice of my life, may my blood be a seed of liberty and the sign that hope will soon become a reality.” Archbishop Oscar Romero Are you one of the “seeds of liberty” or “sign of hope” that Archbishop Romero spoke about before his death

Sara Dwyer,ASC


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