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The dream continues

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2015 is a miraculous year to me because it is a Year of Consecrated Life and 200th Anniversary Celebration of the Precious Blood. All details of 200 years undertaken, bespoke of the Precious Blood spirituality, a heritage from generations of hard work that we enjoy today. As Perfectae Caritatis emphasizes that we have to return to the original inspiration of the founding years of the institute and reading of the signs of the times to discern future directions. In 2010 I attended the Formators’ workshop of C.PP.S in Rome. I was so inspired by St Gaspar’s statue at first mission house in Giano that has roused my heart to the Precious Blood spirituality and his charism are reconciliation and renewal in the Blood of Christ. The Vietnam War finished forty years ago; however, there are abundant Vietnamese who continue to feel the pains from the war. There are abundant cries of the Blood in Vietnam. In some areas, the clergy have run away from solidarity with people who are struggle with injustice. But Vietnam is one of countries that number of vocation is still increase. As St. Gaspar’s hope, “I wish that I could have a thousand tongues to endear every heart to the Precious Blood of Jesus.” I would be fulfilled in Vietnam.

Call it coincidence or providence, but I love the synchronicity of celebrating our bicentennial during the Year of Consecrated Life. The Apostolic Letter from Pope Francis to All Consecrated People on the Occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life was full of inspiration:
 Be joyful and practice the virtue of hope!
 Be prophetic and wake up the world!
 Be experts of communion and build concentric circles of communion around the dream of your founder!
 Don’t be closed in on yourself but go out to into the world, especially to those on the periphery!

What good news! Never have I been more inspired by a papal document. This is what we are called to be as religious men and women. As Missionaries of the Precious Blood, priests, brothers and associates, we are committed to answering this call..

At our most recent General Assembly, as we were beginning our bicentennial observance, we asked ourselves: What would our most faithful future be and look like? And the answer that we discerned:
We are a prophetic and multicultural communion for the renewal of the Church and the reconciliation of the world! This is us when we are at our best. Do you think that the same Spirit whispers to us that whispers to Pope Francis?
Grateful and celebrating 200 years of faithfulness, this is our dream for the future. And the dream continues!

Bill Nordenbrock, CPPS


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