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“Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight His paths.”

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(Lk 3:3-14; Is 40:1-5)

God always comes at any/every moment, in any/every mood, in any/every meeting, in any/every event…the time of Advent is a time of intense reflection, to prepare for the arrival of the Messiah.

The text of Luke and the text of Isaiah simply speak of how our attitude toward the Word ought to be, so that It can be effective in us and we can be efficacious through It.

The voice of our conscience when we are in the desert, in silence, in peace, while we meditate and in prayer speak with God – He speaks, cries to us: “Prepare the way of the Lord, prepare His paths…” God is the one who always arrives…

“Every ravine shall be filled!” All the valleys of our failing, our inability to seek “the treasure that does not pass,” failing in seeking the reign of heaven, the failing in trying to love God above all things, failing in our relationships with the persons around us, failing in our carrying out our life tasks, the everyday duties…

“Every mountain and hill shall be made low” If the hills are in front, we cannot see Him. If we place our “ego” at the center of our life we cannot see anything. Only our egoism will be seen. We are self-sufficient. Our “ego” becomes our greatest possession. It takes up all our attention; and its care, all of our time. On it we spend all our energies; it wraps us up completely; we become blind, imprisoned.

“The crooked ways will be made straight!” It is curious that we human beings love to go on winding ways, rather than the right ones. But even when we find the truth that is challenging us, we unfortunately avoid the truths. When, in a moral sense, we find a rugged spot, something that requires commitment, sacrifice—usually we avoid the difficulty. Thus our lives are full of “comings and goings” and they slow down our meeting with God and our communion with God.

“And the rough places plain.” In short, we must know what is bitter, difficult; what blocks the highways of our life, aware that the rough places are gift for our spiritual maturation; they help us to travel faster toward perfection: a “rough” word can hurt us, but can also make us desire more patience and love toward the one who has wounded us.

“And every creature will see the salvation of God”. What must I do in my life to obtain God’s salvation? What valley must I fill, which hills must I move; what roughness must I straighten out?

The Word of God illumines, encourages, strengthens, changes. Let’s work in such a way that It frees us, purifies us, sanctifies us, to enter into God’s world, to save us!



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