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The Invitation to Joy in the Lord!

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“Rejoice always in the Lord! Again I tell you Rejoice! The Lord is near.” (Phil 4:4-5)

Waiting for a dear person fills us with joy; our heard requires vigilance and our hands must be ready to prepare the house and the meal for the feast.

Advent is a time in which we prepare “the apartment” of our heart in a special way for the coming of a dear, important guest. Let’s look a little and see how much value we give to material things and the external preparation of Christmas; and how watchful our heart is in preparing for its arrival, in silence, through small gestures of love with which we decorate “the apartment” of our heart. External jewels can seem beautiful, but for how long can they give us joy? The pleasure of external jewels is the atmosphere of Advent that we see in cities, decorated streets, commercial centers, houses and apartments where we live… how long can they last?

Is the external preparaton what I want to offer myself during this Advent?

Is there something I want to give as gift to myself, which can contribute toward understanding better the mystery of the Incarnation of the heavenly Father’s love for the Son – in the power of the Holy Spirit?

The third Sunday of Advent shows us we must seek the true font of our joy. It invites us to rejoice in the Lord, because his coming is near. It encourages us to anticipated joy. That joy is the source of constant pleasure which comes from the encounter with the one whom “my soul loves” and who loves my soul!

The coming of the Lord fulfills Messianic joy and happiness. His arrival cannot pass without being noted. When the fullness of times has come, the Christ revealed Himself; John the Baptist, in the maternal womb, was happy.

On this third Sunday of Advent let us examine the Word of God, which helps us identify the reasons for joy in the coming of the Messiah.

The first reason for joy: the Lord has revoked the condemnation of his people; He has freed his people from slavery and they returned to the homeland.

The second reason for joy: The Lord is with his people; He frees the people from every fear. God is the security and protection of his people.

The third reason for joy is the gift of God’s peace, which surpasses all understanding.



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