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“Blessed are you because you believed”

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The Fourth Sunday of Advent places before the eyes of our soul the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who in faith and hope awaits the coming of the Messiah.

Through her “YES”, pronounced to God for a plan of Salvation, she participates in the salvation of humanity and the world in a special way. In this sense she is a model and teacher of the spiritual life for us.

With her simplicity and humility in accepting God’s plan and God’s will she worked and is working successfully.

With these words: “Here I am; I am the servant of the Lord”, she allowed God to realize Himself in her, and through her in all his children.

Our human attitudes toward God and persons are often incoherent. Before us there are Mary and her Son who, in the Father’s will, see the meaning of their life.

“Here I am, O Lord, I come to do your will.” The absolute obedience of Jesus to the Father will assume the character of sacrifice on the cross.

Therefore, we cannot separate the Crib from Calvary, but we must contemplate them together with the cross. Bethlehem is the obedience of Jesus to the prophecies which have reached fulfillment, and Calvary is obedience to the saving will of the Father.

The relationship of Jesus with Mary can seem mysterious: She nourishes his faith, but the same Jesus, in her womb is being nourished by her blood; and Mary does not want to be only a servant of the Lord, but also committed for the good of humanity. Thus she undertook traveling, going to her cousin Elizabeth to help her. She with her Son, as she did to Elizabeth, helps us in our house. Let us rejoice like Elizabeth: “Blessed are you because you believed.”



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