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The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone.” Isaiah 9:1.

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The reading from Isaiah is one of the readings during Christmas. A gift we have is hope in the midst of darkness.   Today’s world experiences darkness in many ways: personal health issues for ourselves or for those we love, global warming, refugees from Syria trying to find a home, gun violence in neighborhoods, in Paris, in San Bernadine, California and ISIS.   There is darkness around us and we can become discouraged.   However, a light has shone…..we believe that the light will overcome the darkness. We hope for a better time.


In spite of the darkness of today or the darkness at the time when Herod was king in Judea, our God comes to be with us in our midst. God comes to us in human form to be one of us. God comes to us in the form of a baby.   Jesus grows up in his time and culture learning what is important and chooses to make decisions based on his relationship with people and his relationship with His God. Jesus spends time eating and drinking with his disciples and is busy sharing the good news that all are welcomed at the table of his kindom– no one is excluded from his love.


This year of Mercy, declared by Pope Francis, invites us to intentionally bring the message of mercy and love into our hearts and into the hearts of others. We are called as Precious Blood people to live our lives as Jesus did, inviting others to the table of kindness, mercy and love. We are called to make decisions based on the life of Jesus to be welcoming people and extend the love and mercy to all those we meet.


As Maria de Matthias walked and traveled the countryside looking to the crucified Lord for strength, may we too travel the roads we are on today and gain strength from our relationship with God, to bring the good news:   God is with us: Emmanuel.


Joan Hornick asc


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