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Feast of the Holy Family

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Today we are celebrating the feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth which has us continue to reflect upon the great mystery of the Incarnation: God’s love for us. By looking at the Holy Family we discover and appreciate the great value of simplicity and the ordinariness of everyday life to which each of us is called. The attitude of Mary and Joseph assiduously searching for Jesus until they find him, should be that of every Christian.

The Family of Nazareth represents the model for every Christian family making up the Church and society, by living in the obscurity of everyday work, faith, prayer, joy, concerns, dialogue and mutual understanding.

Today more than ever, the family is hindered and experiences an epoch of crisis and brokenness that damages its balance and the relationships among its members.

In previous years greater solidarity existed among families, not only among relatives but also with their neighbors. They helped each other and everyone felt involved in the raising of the children. Today, unfortunately, it is not like that! Everyone thinks about themselves and the family is isolated and no long able to ask for help. Thus the family needs to be helped and supported today more so than ever. Networks of solidarity among families are needed so as to help each other.

The spirituality of our Congregation recalls the value of the life of every person redeemed by the Blood of Jesus. In fact, each person is worth the Blood of Christ. The Blood of Jesus is most precious precisely because it poured out only for Love. There is no family unless there is life given for love: each member is to serve the other. Each person has to make room for the other.

The ASC community present in Neviano (LE) and working for at-risk minors, has begun the “Embrace” project that aims to create a network of families willing to be welcoming and to work for family solidarity.

About four years ago the United and Uniting Families group was begun. It has two objectives:

  • Mutual help among families: To promote processes for mutual help among the families of the group by promoting sharing of needs and resources through discussion and reflection and through concrete mutual support.
  • Help to other families: To form and inform families to stimulate unified openness by fostering experiences of solidarity that involve all the components of the nuclear family and that are directed especially at children, youth and families experiencing difficulty.

Sr Orsolina Griffini ASC



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