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January 1: World Day of Peace

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“Overcome Indifference and Win Peace” – This is the title of the Message for the 49th World Day of Peace that is celebrated on January 1, 2016. Indifference towards the wounds of our time is one of the main causes of the lack of peace in the world. Indifference today is often linked in various ways to individualism that produces isolation, selfishness and, therefore, a lack of commitment.
In a historical time when means of information and communication are increasing it seems to result from an increase in indifference toward some problems looming over humanity.
With this day we are all called to contribute in an effective way to sensitize toward and foster an openness of consciences to solidarity and acceptance. Indifference can only be overcome by dealing with this challenge together.

Pope Frances writes that peace needs to be won. It is not a good obtained without effort, conversion, creativity and confrontation. It is a matter of sensitizing and forming people to a sense of responsibility regarding very serious matters that afflict the human family. Some of these are fundamentalism and its massacres, persecutions because of faith and ethnicity, violations of freedom and the rights of people, exploitation and enslavement of people, corruption and organized crime, wars and the plight of refugees and forced migration.

Such works of sensitization and formation will look to the maturation of a culture of legality and to education to dialogue and cooperation that are constructive forms of change in this context.
Attention, sensitization, the spirit of initiative are not qualities that are simply acquired because one is informed about the problems of the world. If it were that way, many of today’s problems would not exist. Instead, as the department of Justice and peace claims, it is precisely “indifference toward the wounds of our time” that is “one of the main causes for the lack of peace in the world.”
We know that peace is possible where the rights of each person are recognized and respected, according to freedom and justice. The 2016 Message is to be a starting point so that each person of good will feels called to collaborate in the building of a more aware and merciful world, and therefore, a freer and more just world.
As Adorers. we feel encouraged toward this commitment to sensitize in order to collaborate for “that new beautiful order of things that Jesus came to establish in His Blood.” The Blood Christ poured out, in fact, is the pledge of this peace that flows from the recognition of the primacy of each human person and the protection of his or her rights. Let us feel called to an ever more concrete commitment to fostering peace, the fruit of a reconciled and compassionate heart.
Mary, Mother of our Lord and Mother of humanity, intercede for us and indicate to us the steps to be taken “along the path of peace.”

Sr. Mariamma Kunnackal, ASC


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