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“I promise to listen and learn about the message of love that Jesus taught. I will try to live that kind of Gospel love in my life.…I promise to read the newsletter that is sent. In this way I hope to catch the spirit of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ and join in their mission. Like St. Maria De Mattias, I will trust that God is with me as I try, day by day, to be a witness of the great love of Jesus, who gave His Precious Blood for each and every person.”

With these words a young person becomes a full member of the ASC Jr. Associate Club. This club, begun in 2011, invites youth ages, 11 to 20, to consider doing something special, right where they are, for God and others. By learning about St. Maria and the spirit and ministry of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, the members of the club grow in understanding of what it means to “have a heart for others” They are asked to pray for peace every day, and to look for the face of God in anyone they meet. Jr. Associates read about the ministries of the Sisters through the bimonthly newsletter and through getting to know Sisters personally when possible. Two service days a year provide an opportunity for members and their families to come to the Ruma Center where they meet Sisters and learn more about their mission to live for others.
In accepting the Jr. Associate promise, the Sisters who welcome them into this relationship as extended family members, promise their support and prayers, so that these youth will come to understand, day by day, just as Adorers do, the immense love of Jesus for each person who is worth the Blood of Jesus.

(Today there are 29 ASC Jr. Associates. When these young members near the age of 20 they are invited to consider becoming an ASC Mission Associate, and thus continue in relationship with Adorers and in pledging to extend the spirit and mission of the ASCs. At present there are 3 mission associates. An invitation to three others is being sent in early 2016.)

Sr Cecilia Hellmann ASC


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