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In the margin of the parable of the Good Samaritan

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A woman from Vallecorsa also passed by. She saw the poor victim, assured herself that someone was taking care of him and went farther down the road. She hurried in search of the robbers responsible for the misdeed.
After a difficult journey she found them and, though poor and unarmed and with heart swollen with love and boldness, she introduced herself to them. She was not there to hand them over to the hands of justice, but to announce life to them.
“What you did is very serious,” she said with strong and pained tone of voice. “You mistreated someone like yourselves, to rob him in an unjust way of what he had. You caused pain and made God angry. Don’t you know that every human person is your brother and sister and cost God the Blood of his Son?
“He will hold you accountable. Or don’t you know that your souls were also ransomed by Jesus Christ at a dear price? And what good is it to accumulate goods if you then lose your soul? The image of the blessed God is imprinted within you. With your sin you disfigure that image and block eternal happiness forever from your lives.”
And she spoke of forgiveness, the Father’s mercy, the blessedness of the good, and the need to be converted to God.
She said these and other things. And she spoke with fiery words. They were words of faith and truth. They were words of love and mercy and compassion. It was the word of God coming from the love for the oppressed and also for those led astray. And her word touched their consciences and penetrated their hearts.
And in that land of brigands, like a miracle, the brightness of the rainbow of peace was seen.
And no one was attacked and stripped and beaten and left half-dead along the road anymore.
That woman was carrying the world in her arms, passion in her heart, the image of the Crucified One in her eyes and the wings of love on her feet.

Her name was Maria De Mattias.

Sr Angela Di Spirito ASC


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