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Do you believe that God pardons you and do you, in response, love Him even more?

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Each of us needs a conversion moment when one begins to live differently. Each of us ought to find time and opportunity to improve in at least one thing. Because all your actions and behavior toward persons depend on how you are.

Mahatma Gandhi recounted about himself: When I was fifteen years old I committed a theft: I owed someone something and, in order to pay my debts, I stole my father’s gold watch. But I couldn’t carry the weight of my sin. I was so ashamed that I could not say a word to my father. Therefore I wrote my confession on a sheet of paper. While I stood with the paper in hand in front of my father, my whole body was trembling. My father read everything I had written on the paper, closed his eyes, then tore up the paper. That’s fine like that, he said, and he embraced me. “From that time on,” said Gandhi, “I loved my father even more.”

Do not forget how many times God has already forgiven you. How many times he would have wanted to hug you. Do you also love your heavenly Father even more? Do you experience Him closer? Do you really believe that He has pardoned you? Reflect on what the saints tell us: As soon you as you repent, you are innocent. Remember the thief on the right of Jesus Crucified on Golgotha! He was simply pardoned. The same day he, a thief, was in paradise. Or, remember the prodigal son in the parable that Jesus recounts to us: he wasted everything that he had received from his father. Then he returns to the father shirtless and shoeless. He desires to be, at least, the least important servant in his father’s house. But the father sees him already from afar and runs to meet him; he embraces and kisses him, gives him new clothes and prepares a feast for him, because he came home safe. Do you understand that God is like this? Jesus us tells us this; people are not telling us this. God is like this. Will you love God your Father more from now on?

Willi Klein, cpps



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