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Who do you want as the King of your heart?

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Here we are at the beginning of the week for excellence of our Christian faith! That week in which we will remember and meditate on very great mysteries and gifts that the Lord Jesus has left us and has done during the course of his life! It will be a week of “grace”, if we will not live as spectators, watching impassively, rather as real protagonists of the events, because the Holy Week not only recounts the last moments of the life of our Teacher, but ENGLOBES EVEN YOUR LIFE AND SPEAKS TO YOU! It is amazing to think like Jesus, He makes his entrance in Jerusalem acclaimed and praised knowing what would happen later. He enters this city as King, He enters with all of His humble and simple regality, He walks in front firstly so that all may see who is really the one and only King of kings! In your life and in your heart who reigns? Does Jesus the Lord reign or some other “earthly” king that you wanted to put in the first place of your life and to whom you obey because you’re a slave? Many may be “kings” who think they can govern our lives making us happy (money, success, sex, drugs, alcohol, selfishness, arrogance etc.), but really they make us fall even more, not giving us hope of a fully happy life, but rather an addiction and a crazy unhappiness that can lead to the death of our hearts, in the spiritual sense and even the physical! Today Jesus comes to you and says: CHOOSE ME AS YOUR SOLE AND ONLY KING OF YOUR LIFE! The Lord, if you let Him, from today will enter in your Jerusalem, in your story of sin, of weakness, of fragility, but also made of many beautiful things that He has given you but until you decide to abandon “your false kings” you will never see ALL THE SPLENDOR OF YOUR LIFE! Decide, already from now, to welcome and give all your history to Him and you will see that He will change every situation, because He is the first who goes ahead of us, to lay out your authentic path, that of following Him!

Have a good journey in this Holy Week and Happy Palm Sunday!

Marco Lambertucci, sem. CPPS
Matteo Ciuffreda, sem. CPPS


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