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To server for Love!

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Here we are! We came with great trepidation and expectation to the beginning of the Easter Triduum which opens with the celebration of the Lord’s Supper! Yes, because the Gospel that the Church makes us meditate helps us to go deeper into the moments, the gestures, the words that our Teacher leaves us. And it is precisely on this path that we want to savour this Word that is given to us! It is amazing how the same Jesus, Teacher and Lord, lays his garments, takes a towel and tying it to His waist begins to wash his disciples’ feet and dries them. Yes, a gesture of profound humility, but above all of closeness to each of them, he bends to dry their feet, he SERVES them, because a true Teacher, that of which He is, first teaches his disciples with words and deeds to do His same gestures towards one another! How many times we instead, would have the possibility to help someone in need, to serve someone who is poor or sick, to assist and support those around us who are going through a period of great distress and discouragement and we, instead of taking example from Him, to bend down towards them to listen to their personal stories and to help them, sometimes we go straight on our own way taken by our ego, which filled with lots of things to think about and to do does not give the possibility to stop and look at another. How many times do we not want to “get our hands dirty” with another, because we know that once we make ourselves available, we have to help them in some way and this weighs on us, it makes us run away. Well today the Teacher himself tells you: FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE AND TAKE CARE OF THE OTHER! Do not be afraid, because the Lord gives you the strength to face any situation that arises in front of you and to anyone who you encounter on your path remind them that they ARE LOVEDED BY AN ETERNAL LOVE!
Listen to the Teacher’s voice speaking to your heart and begin already now your journey towards who is next to you!

Happy Holy Thursday!

Marco Lambertucci sem. cpps

Matteo Ciuffreda, sem. cpps


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