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The cross: joy is Life!

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Today is the day when we contemplate in silence, with meditation, the great mystery and gift of the passion and death of our Lord! Many times we think that this day we can spend in sadness, in tears, but in fact we are wrong and we are very far from what really is the true and profound meaning of what we have before our eyes. We have always been accustomed to seeing the cross as a symbol of death, but what in appearance seems to be a symbol of death, Christ with his complete and total donation has made a symbol of REDEMPTION! How many times, year by year, in our lives have we surely read and meditated on this biblical passage in which goes through the life of Jesus from the betrayal by Judas Iscariot to the deposition of the body of Christ from the cross. We would be disappointed, saddened, thinking that these were the right attitudes to live a good Good Friday! Instead no! Today especially, we pause in profound silence, trying to imagine the sufferance and pain that Jesus felt at that time, but with feelings of GRATITUDE because He GAVE HIS LIFE FOR YOU! His example of abandonment in the hands of the Father embracing the cross and shedding the last drop of His Most Precious Blood makes us understand and live as we, in our daily difficulties, must not run away or avoid, but rather welcome, embrace and walk with our cross, certain that Jesus in first carried and continues to carry on his shoulders all of our crosses, all of the suffering that we are going through, because if we trust Him our crosses can truly be transformed into situations of grace!

Happy contemplation of the Holy Cross!

Marco Lambertucci sem.cpps

Matteo Ciuffreda sem cpps


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