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In your tomb….there is Life!

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Alleluia! The Lord Jesus is risen, the light of the Eternal King has conquered the darkness of the world! This is the message that each of us should constantly proclaim on this glorious and holy day, when death was defeated, when sin was destroyed, but above all the when there was the triumphant of LIFE! It is with these feelings of joy that we want to start this brief but intense meditation on the stupendous Gospel passage of this night and we want to start from the women who were going to go to the tomb to anoint with spices the body of Jesus. Astonished, however, they do not find Him and fall immediately in doubt, not remembering what their Teacher had previously announced; frightened by these two men who present themselves in dazzling clothes, after listening to their words and remembering, immediately they begin to give the announcement of the Resurrection! Sometimes this happens also to us, in our daily life stories, forgetting the proclamation of life, of Resurrection, of the good news that they have given us and only see sadness, fear, despair. We are more used to focus on the “ugly” things, never on those that make you have a beautiful smile on your face or that rekindle our day in joy, despite the problems that everyone goes through in their lives. Those women are the first to make memory and to hasten to remind everyone that we must not despair, cry, be sad, but full of joy and life: HE IS RISEN! But we know that our humanity is limited, the Apostles themselves, as Scripture says, in hearing the story of the women, they were in disbelief, but not all. For Peter, the one who had betrayed and denied Him, runs to the tomb and leaves FULL OF MARVEL! It is the marvel that us humans are missing so many times in our lives! We are not marveled about anything, because we think that none of the situations that we are living can change. Instead no! Anything can change if you trust God, if you live as a Resurrected person, coming out of the tombs that block your life and running as Peter you will be marveled at how good it feels to know that GOD WANTS ONLY AND ESCLUSIVELY YOUR HAPPINESS!


Happy and Holy Easter of Resurrection!

Marco Lambertucci sem cpps
Matteo Ciuffreda sem cpps


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