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Is the Easter day announcement!                                                                                                                 Not only the absence of war, which already would change the face of our humanity, forever wounded by fighting and conflicts in so many parts of the planet, but the fullness of God’s gifts. The possibility that everything be transformed according to the beauty that God gives. Possibility, precisely.

I AM SENDING YOU…THOSE WHOSE SINS YOU WILL FORGIVE, WILL BE FORGIVEN               By the following words of Jesus we understand that the gift of Peace must be welcomed, and the Reign of Peace is a conquest. The mission of the disciples has this purpose: the gift of the Holy Spirit will allow removing the obstacle of sin, through pardon.Peace is not established with a universal law that everyone must submit to, but must be chosen by each one: it must triumph in every heart, purified by pardon.

THOMAS … WAS NOT WITH THEM                                                                                                             The other obstacle is incredulity…But is Jesus truly arisen? Did he really not reprove anyone? Does he still really trust us?  Really?And Jesus is ready to strengthen a shaky faith:  one only has to ask!

MY LORD AND MY GOD                                                                                                                                   Now, yes: the heart is healed; hope has blossomed again, the certainty of God’s presence accompanies the disciple. He can initiate the mission!The disciples go; they want to bring the Good News to all, that news that, sometimes yes, has truly changed their life.They are not weakened by the pretense of being something more than others: they experienced that the Lord’s choice did not fall on perfect persons, even infallible ones, but on persons on the journey, like everyone. Persons who can fall, but must not doubt being able to rise again: God is mercy, God is love!We are celebrating the Sunday of Divine Mercy, during the Year of Mercy! Does a multiplication of mercy “given” correspond to the multiplication of Holy Doors, of days dedicated, of indulgences with which we ask for mercy?Without this choice not one change is effected, no challenge of our times is conquered: as Christians, as Church, are we acquiring the “winning mentality” of mercy?

Pope Francis has set the objective for us:                                                                                               “The Church’s first truth is the love of Christ. The Church makes herself a servant of this love and mediates it to all people: a love that forgives and expresses itself in the gift of oneself. Consequently, wherever the Church is present, the mercy of the Father must be evident. In our parishes, communities,  associations and movements, in a word, wherever there  are Christians, everyone should find an oasis of mercy.”  (The Face of Mercy,  12).

Don Terenzio Pastore CPPS



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