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The house museum of St. Maria De Mattias

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The house museum of St. Maria De Mattias was inaugurated on March 18, 2016 in Vallecorsa, her home town.
Maria began to live in this house when she was 9 or 10 years old. The De Mattias family moved there between 1814 and 1815.
Until Maria De Mattias was 9 or 10, she lived in the de’ Rossi building. This house, which was owned by the de’ Rossi family, the most important family of Vallecorsa, was given over to the De Mattias family. The exchange of houses was done because the de’ Rossi family needed to have a larger home and also because it was connected to the home of Giovanni De Mattias’ first wife, Rosaria de’ Vecchis. Giovanni De Mattias acquired this house.
Several generations of the De Mattias family lived in this house: the family of Giovanni and Ottavia De Angelis, the parents of Maria; that of Michele and Carolina Sacchetti, Maria’s brother and sister-in-law; that of Pio, Maria De Mattias’ nephew; and finally that of Gino and Rina, great nephew and great niece of Maria De Mattias.
MDM spoke in this house. It was she who made these walls sacred, because it was here she discovered the sacredness of her very existence.
The walls and rooms of this house tell us many things about Maria De Mattias and the De Mattias family. We will recall only some:
1) They speak of her childhood and adolescence
She would stay with to her father in the evening until she grew sleepy. Sitting near the fireplace her father told her Bible stories, and she was nourished by those holy stories and thus by God’s Word, which began to enlighten her journey.

2) These walls tell us about her discernment
Her anguish, maturation and the big decision to dedicate all her life to the Lord and her “dear neighbor” occurred in her small bedroom.

3) These walls tell us about her interior journey
These walls let us know the interior journey of Maria De Mattias through the help and accompaniment of Our Lady. It will be She who leads her and shows Maria her Son, Jesus. In her bedroom is the picture of Our Lady of the Maternity toward which Maria De Mattias turned her gaze to ask for light and protection.

4) These walls tell us about Maria, woman of the Word
Here she discovered her aptitude for speaking, when as a young woman she began to gather the girls, her companions, in front of the sacred image of the Child Jesus to tell them about God and the history of Salvation, making her the woman of the Word.

5) A new project is born here
These rooms tell us about the conception and gestation of a great project, the foundation of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, an Institute that she had already seen spread in all the world where many women were continuing to do what she had done.

6) Her departure
It is the house from which, 182 years ago after a ten-year conception and gestation period, the holy woman left to begin the new being in Acuto on March 4, 1834 – an Institute completely dedicated to God’s love and the spreading of the glories of the Divine Blood.

This place can become home for each of us, for each pilgrim who enters here and desires to make a spiritual journey by passing along all the life experiences of St. Maria De Mattias.

Milena Marangoni ASC


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