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Good Shepherd

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The greatest need today’s man is a need for truth, for good and genuine leadership at all levels. This need arises from the fact that the man of today is quite lost. Consciously or misguided, man has become the slave of many false targets using means which are not at all fit into the Christian scale of values, evangelical values. Therefore, we need to see a true leader, in the figure of the Good Shepherd and the manner of its management, and to rediscover the beauty of true goodness which he has revealed.

The Gospel of St. Ivana presents the essential characteristics of a good leader. He is the one who:

– Knows the ones that keep

– Gives them life

– Vigorously defend them because they belong to him – no one can snatch them out of his hands

The first need of man is to be loved. Despite so many deals and sources of communication man feels lonely and not understood. We feel compelled to let us know someone in our depths, in our intimacy, our woundedness. He, the Good Shepherd, it seems. He possesses the truth about us. He, who is our pain upon himself.

Another important human need is the need for happiness – to live life to the full. And just this need the Good Shepherd executed by giving himself to those who belong to him. He sheds his blood for them and leaves them himself in the Bread of Life to eat and so have life in himself, life in abundance.

Third needs of modern man is to be free and safe, trusted to leadership. Precisely the Good Shepherd only meets all the requirements of security and fidelity. One story has it that one sheep found a hole in the space sheep pen, and fled outside. She was so happy she escaped. However, she went wery far and got lost. She then noticed that was followed by a wolf. She ran but the wolf still pursued. Fortunately for her shepherd arrived, and saved her. With love he put her on his shoulders and brought back to the  sheep pen.  The people said to the shepherd to close the hole in the sheep pen but he did not want to do.

We can ask ourselves: why the shepherd did not want to close the hole in the sheep pen? Here’s the answer: because in Christ’s flock we are only sheep that want to be here, and those who want to go there are free to go out,  but still Good Shepherd, do not leave them.

Ceeping clouse to the Good Sheperd in his sheep pen, listening to his voice and let us go to him.

Matija Paviƈ  ASC


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