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Speech of sr. Nadia Coppa ASC, General Superior, during the celebration of passage to the new general administration

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I wish to express thanks, briefly, in my name personally and that of my collaborators, for such a warm participation at this intense and moving celebration.  A strong moment during which we experienced the tender and strong love of the Lord Who precedes us and accompanies us

with solicitude and patience, offering us each time, to a “more” of life for us and for others.

I thank Fr. Oliviero, brother and friend of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, for having shared God’s Word, and for having helped us to celebrate the mystery of Christ in our life, and each of you who gathered to share this joy.

We thank all the priests (Fr. Vito, Fr. Benedetto, Fr. Jeffry, Fr. Arlindo), the seminarians, the international community, all the ASC who came from the communities and you friends. Finding ourselves around the chalice of the Beloved Lamb is surely the fullest opportunity to manifest that closeness to each other, that support and that trust that is needed when we find ourselves facing a new beginning.

The infinite patience of beginning…keeping alive the desire to constantly experience the newness that only God can place into our innermost heart.

There are many feelings with which we begin this service to the Congregation…  Fear(Awe) and trembling…   Awe for the awareness that the Lord offers Himself through unexpected invitations, trembling for the fear of not being capable to respond fully to his will.

Contrasting feelings, as you can imagine; but if we are here it is to re-confirm our loving adherence to the Lord who does not tire of leading us always further beyond ourselves in gift in the bare obedience of faith. We are re-conferming our “Yes” to The Love!

We have celebrated the Eucharist during which all, in unique and singular ways, with awareness we renewed our intimate and deep belonging to our Beloved Spouse who leads us on unexplored paths, asking or us simply a docile abandonment.

There is a word that resounds repeatedly in today’s liturgy and which is the profound invitation that the Father gently whispers to us, challenging our often divided heart… between “servile duties” and “loving desires of sons/daughters”: to obey radically to the excessive and unmeasured Love of God.

We have savored one of the most beautiful texts of Scripture: the hymn of Christ, who emptied Himself for us and for our salvation. Fr. Oliviero, in his homily, broke this Word for us… And I, too, permit me, I will try timidly to share a thought…which is a prayerful sentiment, matured in my personal prayer and which warmed my heart.

Paul, with heartbroken tones, gives each of us a life plan; especially today, I hear/feel this Word for us, called to serve the Congregation for the next six years. It is a strong, demanding Word…hard …addressed to me , to you Mattjia, to you Wieslawa, and to you Bridget, and  to you Dani… it is for you Manuela, for you Maria Grazia…for us who begin this fascinating journey of placing ourselves humbly in the footsteps of Christ in order to learn again from Him what it means to make a gift of oneself, in this service of leading the Congregation.

We wish to place ourselves in the school of the Master in order to assume these His same feelings (Phil 2:5) and learn the bare obedience of faith (cfr. Phil 2:8)… we will hold our gaze fixed on Him so that this our fragile response of love might express more life for every ASC spread throughout the world,  by our transformed life. We wish to be Gospel which all can read through our choices and our life in community for mission.

            We try to translate obedience into dedicating our life to what make it real, loving each person, seeking the beauty that heals the heart, the meaning of everything and the fruitful harmony of every meeting. We listen to the desires and dreams of each ASC , and seek concrete ways to make small steps together toward the future that God is dreaming for our Congregation.

We try to make choices in fidelity to the dreams of MDM…, seeking simple means and ways, but new ones, to develop paths, to live the challenges of today.

We don’t do great things, but we try to be a small flame placed above a candelabra simply to give a little light and to give joy to those who wish to be warmed by this flame.

We choose a life of contemplation in order to nourish that interior disposition that will help us respond to the cry of the Blood.

We give a concrete response to the calls that we received in the GA2017 Acts, involving all in trying to listen to the voices of each one and of this our world, which constantly calls upon us and challenges us to be an outgoing Church.

We let our charism flow in our choices, trying not to pose resistance to the healing and reconciling power of the Blood of Christ.

We dispose ourselves with docility and openness of heart in listening to the Word, so that It may transform us and raise our existence up to that which renders it an authentic gift for others, seeking in our relation with the Lord and among ourselves, the courage to expose ourselves, to commit ourselves, become ever more deeply passionate for our common mission in the Church, opening our heart to hospitality, choosing to help life grow.

On this journey we will not be alone…because we will be traveling together the same path traced out by Maria De Mattias, by Serafina Cinque, by the Sisters Martyrs of Charity and Faith and by every Adorer who preceded us and by those who walk beside us.

We follow the path traced by the Administration that preceded us, by the vision which we are acquiring as Congregation. We will walk together, on the same rope (as in mountain climbing). No one is excluded…all are called together to collaborate in openness to the Spirit for global unity.

Continue to pray for us.  Accompany us with the trust that the Lord uses what is small and fragile to do great things.  Evangelical logic is the logic of smallness, of newness, of the possible over our impossible… Believing in this is being open to the work of God and to the experience of faith. May the Lord make for Himself ever more space in our lives; and emptying us of ourselves, may He fill us with Himself and with that Charity that we are called to “retract and reflect” (Life Charter 2).

Again, heartfelt thanks.

Sister Nadia Coppa, ASC General Superior





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